The Internship Cheats For PC


The Internship Cheats For PC

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How I got my first internship (software engineering)

Got a lot of questions from my previous vids, so here’s how I got my first software engineering internship, the interview process, my experience and what I learned from it. Hopefully this helps!

resume template:

0:00 – intro
0:45 – how I got my internship & projects
3:31 – the interview
4:52 – my experience

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how we write/review code in big tech companies

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The Tenants is an early access game which is effectively a landlord tycoon simulator and apartment building game! Wait what do you mean its not perfectly balanced… Oh the devs accidently added a bunch of overpowered exploits! Set in a fantasy world where you can actually own a house you get to fulfil your land lording dreams by letting out your apartments to renters! Now when it comes to defending your base there are many ways to do it. Today however we have decided to just start building a giant prison of tiny empty rooms filled with bottles that clip into each other to break the game and let me charge insane rental prices! But how can we do it with limited space and money? Well by glitching the game to get infinite money thats how! Thats right its a classic video of the spiffing brit breaking a game that has just topped the charts so why not go find The Tenants on steam! So sit back and get comfy as I reveal my The Tenants Guide and The Tenants tips on how to break the game by becoming the worst landlord to exploit the game!

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software engineer salaries be like

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