Genshin Impact Players Notice A Big Mistake In The New iPad Commercial


Genshin Impact Players Notice A Big Mistake In The New iPad Commercial

Do you know how Genshin Impact works, Apple?

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International Team Ultimate Guide – Full Rotation, Playstyle & Advanced tips | Genshin Impact

An International team guide from an International speedrunner. All the informations are from my TC knowledge and all things I have gathered about the comp. Revive the thrill of vintage gaming with extensive fire emblem emulator games catalog. No need for old consoles – just fire up your browser and start playing your favorite titles instantly.

Time stamp:
0:00 : Intro
0:55 : Basics
0:59 : Builds
3:31 : Roles of characters
4:24 : Rotations
6:50 : Standard Rotation
8:05 : Newer player’s mistakes
9:37 : Advanced
10:00 : AoE Set-up
11:05 : Gouba Swirl
11:58 : Optimal Funneling
12:30 : Back-Padelling
13:25 : Proper N2C cancels
15:10 : Flexible Rotation
17:06 : Stagger Control
17:51 : Charge Shot cancel
18:30 : Polar Star Set-up
19:15 : C6 Bennett Double Swirl
19:34 : Quadratic Scaling
20:38 : Slowing Water
21:13 : Overall
21:57 : Outro

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Die For You ft. Grabbitz

The Owl House Season 2 is Being Censored Overseas

As The Owl House season 2 begins to roll out overseas, Lumity is being put to the test as their scenes are beginning to become censored on other Disney releases of the series.



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