Fast Draw Showdown


Fast Draw Showdown

Fast Draw Showdown has players face off against numerous gunslingers in some real fast draw action battles.

FastDraw Showdown American lasergames

This is actually the arcade hardware running the game. It uses an Amiga 500 to run the program code and a laserdisc player for the video.

I rotated this video using a free program, it hurt the quality a bit.

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Video Arcade Game
Fast Draw Showdown
American Laser Games
Year of Manufacture 1994
Game is in very nice condition with very little wear. Revolver shows wear from removing from holster. Works as designed.
Features 2 Coin Mechs and nice wood grain cabinet.
Very Clean and works great!
No coin door lock however the cabinet locks are included with keys.
Measures 77″ tall, with header 88″ tall (can be removed)
31.5″ wide
31″ Deep cabinet with an additional length of 47″ for Gun Rack for a total of 78″ deep.
Vintage Laser Video Game
Game Play
Your gun must remain in the holster until you are given a signal to draw and fire. If you remove the gun from the holster or draw before a signal is given, you will be fouled. If you are fouled in one showdown (including The Bonus Draw), you will be disqualified and proceed to the next. As soon as you are given the signal, you must draw and fire your gun at your opponent as quickly as possible before he or she fires at you.
In some gunfights, you will sometimes face two opponents instead of one, but you will only take on one at a time. The game ends when you have completed all four or five gunfights regardless of whether you win, lose or foul. If you beat Wes Flowers in the Bonus Draw, you will be a grand winner and you will get to put your initials on one of the three tables of best players.

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10-Minute Gameplay – Fast Draw Showdown (WiiWare)

Yup, I’m gonna start posting these again, too.

Now this is just a demo, but I think it gives you an accurate picture of how strange the actual game is gonna be.

Fast Draw Showdown – All Lost Scenes

All Lost Scenes in the WiiWare version of the game

This video was reuploaded because somehow, I left out Slurrin’ Spence. Lol