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Communicative Identity (S) - Roest de

ISBN: 9789024293346
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The starting-point of this social-philosophical and at the same time thoroughly practicaltheological study is the embarrassment related to the collective identity of Christian communities of faith and of Christian movements and institutions (associations, educational institutions, etc.) as they are situated in the modern lifeworld. Time and again, those communities are confronted with the challenge to orientate themselves to a common identity. In that respect, this study attributes an important task to the practical theologian. When a community of faith or an institution on a Christian foundation runs, up against a problem, in most cases it will turn out to be a problem of a communicative kind, which will then be directly related to the common identity. In order to clarify that identity a practical theologian can be called upon for help.In the performance of that task, the practical theologian can find support in the thought of the German social philosopher Jürgen Habermans. This study presents a full-scale analysis of Habermas' entire oeuvre, as it has been published from 1953 till now. Based upon that analysis, the clarification of a common identity can be considered a process, in which each of the members of a collective should be involved and in which matters are settled by arguments (discourse). One can distinguish theoretical discourse, in which a common identity is described; normative-practical discourse, in which the contours of a desired common identity and accompanying values are outlined; and translational discourse, in which the translation of a new self-understanding into a new practice is discussed. The three types of discourse center themselves around the concept of communicative rationality. By analogy this study proposes to speak of 'communicative identity'.The study engages in reflection on the foundations of practical theology, whereby the author particularly focusses on the problem of normativity. To that end, critical reviews of the work of D. Browning. J.A. van der Ven, U. Kuhnke and G.D.J. Dingemans are included.After a, year in Wilmington, Ohio, USA and a year of sociology studies in Leiden, Hendrik Pieter (Henk) de Roest (1959) studied theology at Leiden University. He graduated with a ministerial degree in 1985 and completed graduate work in 1988, in both cases with distinction. He is a minister of the Netherlands Reformed Church, presently serving the community of faith of Monnickendam. This study is his doctoral thesis.

...ommunicative Identity (S). SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei Identity in Communicative Contexts Series: Lodz Studies in Language Edited By Kamila Ciepiela ... Communicative Identity. Habermas' Perspectives of ... ... ... (2007). Communicative Predictors of a Shared Family Identity: Comparison of Grandchildren's Perceptions of Family-of-Origin Grandparents and Stepgrandparents. Journal of Family Communication: Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 177-194. Representations, identity and resistance in communication "We cannot communicate unless we share certain representations" (Moscovici and Marková, 2000, p. 274). Representations sometimes call our very identities into question. We struggle over them because they matter - and these are contests from which seriou ... Jürgen Habermas (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) ... . 274). Representations sometimes call our very identities into question. We struggle over them because they matter - and these are contests from which serious consequences can flow. As a source to reinforce my theory in this paper I will discuss what I've learned but not limited from Chapter one and two of Communication in a Changing World by Bethami A.Dobkin & Roger C.Pace but also will add one or two real life examples about the relationship between communication and identity, and also has a conclusion this paper will discuss the differences in when I communicate with ... Tag Archives: communicative theory of identity (CTEI) Blog 7: Culture in Agriculture October 1, 2018 Uncategorized agricultural communication , agriculture's culture , communication accommodation theory (CAT) , communicative theory of identity (CTEI) , dimensions of culture , in-depth theory assignment , intercultural communication , seminal articles , whiteness drlmbaker communicative definition: 1. willing to talk to people and give them information: 2. relating to communication: 3. relating…. Learn more. PDF | This paper introduces a new theoretical construct, "identity gap." Identity gap is defined as discrepancies between different aspects of... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ... The central focus of the book is the identification of the ways people engage in communicative encounters to (re)constitute personal and social identities. Its aim is to identify some principal themes that have emerged from the ample research on identity in a variety of contexts. Communication accommodation theory (CAT) is a theory of communication developed by Howard Giles.This theory concerns "(1) the behavioral changes that people make to attune their communication to their partner, (2) the extent to which people perceive their partner as appropriately attuning to them."...