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A Compact Geography of the Northern Netherlands - G. Ashworth

ISBN: 9789077548486
AUTEUR: G. Ashworth

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A Compact Geography of the Northern Netherlands is een boek van G. Ashworth

...which is a country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located in Northwestern Europe ... Compact Geography of The Netherlands ... . The country is often referred to as Holland, which is technically incorrect, due to Holland being economically and politically dominant in the 17th century (Janin, 2008). Flat and wide, the Northern Netherlands are highly suited for biking and hiking, and many visitors explore at least a bit of the area that way.There are many ready made routes, some indicated along the way and others to be bought ... Geography of the European Netherlands - Wikipedia ... .There are many ready made routes, some indicated along the way and others to be bought at the tourist information centres you'll find in every mid-sized or larger town. This document presents information on the physical and human geography of the Netherlands. In this third revised edition, the contents have been brought up-to-date and expanded. In addition, sections on physical planning and environmental problems have been added. The booklet is intended for use by geography classroom teachers and students at upper elementary and secondary levels. A compact geography of the Netherlands [Informatie- en Documentatie-Centrum voor de Geografie van Nederland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A short, concise summary of the geography of the Netherlands is presented in this document. The introduction describes the country's governmental forms, physical location, provinces, population, and history. Geographic coverage includes: (1) the high and low Netherlands; (2) the struggle against flooding and land reclamation; (3) the polders, or land surrounded by dikes; (4) the Zuyder Zee; (5 ... Geography and Overview of Belgium History, Languages, Governmental Structure, Industry and Geography of Belgium. ... The northern area is considered the most fertile and much of the land there is used for livestock, ... Geography of the Netherlands. Facts About Canada's Geography, History, ......