1. What does the term OS mean?
    overnet sync older sort one-out-of-six code operating system

  2. Check ALL the following that manipulate a GUI.
    bar graph strain relief mouse or stylus pie chart

  3. Which of the following operations cannot be applied to a window?
    invert move hide resize

  4. A small picture that moves every time the mouse moves is termed a _____.
    caret cursor cation cocomotion

  5. What is the root volume's name in Windows?
    // C:\ http:// My Computer

  6. Right click the C: icon in the "File Manager" window then select Properties. What color represents the free space?
    purple green yellow blue

  7. Double click the C: icon in the "File Manager" window. What happens?
    figure dances name changes color floppy spins files are listed

  8. Create a shell/terminal window for the following questions.

  9. What is the name of the shell command in Windows to receive help with commands?
    help please why what

  10. What is the command to set the shell prompt to the current date?
    prompt $N$G prompt $TD set prompt $T prompt $D

  11. Experiment with the use of EDIT TYPE EXIT CD MD RD DIR DEL COPY MOVE to manipulate files and directories.

  12. Which Windows shell command deletes a directory?

  13. Which Windows shell command makes a copy of a file in another directory and then deletes the original?

  14. Enter EDIT then type Hello World then Click on File menu item Save As foo.txt, click Exit, click Yes. How many bytes does the file occupy?
    10 11 12 13

  15. What is an OS wild card symbol?
    + @ * $

  16. Which of the following words matches the pattern ???
    me.doc 123.xl a-b* ngo

  17. What is the result if you list the parent directory of the root directory?
    root directory nothing My Computer error message

  18. Double click the C: icon in the "File Manager" window. Find the File Manager mouse actions equivalent to CD MD RD DIR DEL COPY MOVE.

  19. The Windows File Manager term "folder" refers to what?
    drawer directory placer repository

  20. What application understands .TXT files?
    Internet Explorer Media Player Outlook NotePad

  21. SEARCH for file foo.txt that you created earlier. What is the first column heading in File Manager?
    File Name Title Folder

  22. SEARCH for file foo.txt that you created earlier. Now double click it. What program executes?
    NotePad Explorer Word Writer

  23. Which shell operator redirects the output of a command to a file?
    ; * $ >

  24. Enter the command SET. What is listed?
    environment variables machine id internet address directories

  25. Find System Properties window. Click on "Advanced System Setting". Now you can set environment variables.

    Type notepad at the shell prompt. Explore the menu options.

    Find the Paint, Calculator, and Character Map programs. Explore their uses.

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