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Cooks Books
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Cooks Curriculum (similar to 1st two years of a CS degree)
Either the C# or Lua book provide an introduction to programming that is standalone.  The Lua book is for young people or others who do not know a lot about computers and want to learn programming in the context of computer game creation. To take the Lua course, click here.

  1. Take Algebra I and II at Khan Academy
  2. Take Java with Eclipse
  3. Take C/C++ Programming with SFML
  4. Take C/C++ Programming with OpenGL
  5. Take Operating Systems
  6. Take Advanced Java Programming with Data Structures
Cooks Elective Curriculum
  1. Take Object Oriented Programming
  2. Take Parallel Programming
  3. Take Lua and Game Programming with Corona
Cooks Software Reuse Initiative
After over fifty years of programming, many algorithms are still being written over and over again.  I have collected almost a thousand Java modules over the past decade and organized them with a naming taxonomy.  Another useful resource can be found at, which has over 150,000 Java programming examples all of which run in a web browser (with source code included.)